JLB Foundation & Basement Waterproofing fixes wet basements. Our experienced professionals inspect your basement for water related problems and provide well explained, cost effective solution. All of our work is warrantied to stop basements from leaking. We provide free estimates, without the high pressure sales tactics. JLB Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing has fixed many homes in the Kansas City area with a reputation that speaks for itself.

There are few things worse for a homeowner than a wet basement. What appears to be just a tiny trickle or small puddle are the warning signs of a much bigger problem. Moisture in your basement can lead to an array of costly and time-consuming repairs. From structural damage to toxic mold, water in your basement is a serious problem. So what can we do to keep our basements dry and prevent moisture from making its way in?

JBL Foundation Sump Pump

A quality Sump Pump is truly the heart of any water management system quietly collecting water and pumping it out of your basement year after year. The Zoeller TM – 53 is the #1 choice in the professional waterproofing industry with a 3-year warranty. All of JLB Foundation sump pump kits come with:
  1. Solid Lid
  2. Zoeller tm Sump Pump
  3. Check Valve
  4. Ice Shield
  5. Up to 10’ of UDE
  6. *Home owner will need to provide an electrical outlet

Ice Shield – Provides an exit point for the water in the event the discharge line freezes, it will keep the water flowing out of the home and go back to normal once things thaw out.

Bubble Pot – is attached to the underground discharge and provides a buried flush to the ground exit point of the Sump Pump.

Battery Backup Pump – In the event of a power failure the back up system will keep your pump pumping and your basement dry. The Back Up Pump also has an alarm system and light indicators to keep you informed.

Over Flow – Is a gravity feel line tied into your sewer lines incase of a pump failure the water will rise in the Basin to the overflow then drain away before it escapes onto the basement floor.

Water Alarm – If the water rises over the pump the alarm will sound to let you know something is wrong and give you time to fix the problem.

JLB Foundation Deep Drain Waterproofing System

The JLB Foundation Deep Drain Waterproofing System is an ideal remedy for collecting large amounts of water under the floor and diverting the water to the sump pump (this system works in conjunction with a sump pump). The JLB Foundation Deep Drain Waterproofing System penetrates and collects water below the bottom of the floor to help stop cracks in the floor from leaking. The tile has a filter sock around it to keep the system from clogging. The second part of the system creates a hydro gap to allow the wall/footing joint drain into the tile. During the inspection JLB Foundation may recommend a JLB Foundation Deep Drain Waterproofing System. Such as, JLB Foundation Vapor other products to go along with the Wall or JLB Foundation Drain Well. JLB Foundation understand not every water problem is the same, but we have several different products to resolve each issue. These products work in conjunction with one another. The three most common areas water will penetrate into a basement are through the wall and floor join, cracks or seams in the walls and through window wells below grade. In Certain situations, these other products may be recommended even if they are not a problem at the time. JLB Foundation understand that the older the foundation gets the more it deteriorates. These products will be needed to guarantee the home owner never has issues in the future.

Drain Well – Includes a new well with a solid cover and a drain port tied into the JLB Foundation Deep Drain System to prevent window wells from filling up & flooding your basement.

Pop Up - A pop us is a buried exit point for an underground discharge.

Grate – An interior or exterior grate is used to collect and divert surface water.

Catch Basin – A catch basin is used in conjunction with UDE. It is usually placed in a low point to collect water and drain it away.

Clean Out – A clean out is an access point to help flush out and clean a DSE pipe.

DSE – Down Spout Extenders are used to extend water away from a down spout or a sump pump.

Egress Windows – JLB Foundation installs many different egress windows. They are used to bring natural light into the basement and provide an escape route if needed.

JLB Foundation Vapor Wall

JLB Foundation’s Vapor Wall – Is a (Ply Nylon & Polymer Laminate Design) multipurpose tool for JLB Foundation. It comes in different shapes and sizes to fix your needs. JLB Foundation Vapor Wall can be used to seal off, eliminate odors, and gases from entering your crawl space, it can also be used to seal out moisture and water coming through your basement walls.

Basement Walls - JLB Foundation Vapor Wall – In many instances are used in conjunction with JLB Foundation Deep Drain System to insurance the homeowner has a dry basement. JLB Foundation Vapor Wall is perfect when basement walls have moisture coming through the walls, cracks and or pipe penetration are leaking. JLB Foundation Vapor Wall will also protect the homeowner against future cracks that may occur from leaking into the basement floor. As basement walls get older the issues become bigger. JLB Foundation Vapor Wall is a product that prevents the homeowner from revisiting issues over and over.

Crawl Space - A dirt crawl space soaks up water, stays damp and provides the perfect environment for rodents, insects and structurally damaging mold and mildew. But it gets worse, since the natural air movement of a house flows upward from your crawl space, these problems are now whole house problems. JLB Foundation Vapor Wall is your Perfect Defense against all those problems. It is a crawl space encapsulation system which creates a permanent barrier between your house and the damp earth below. JLB Foundation Vapor Wall is a tough, multi-layer material that can be applied directly onto the dirt floor of your crawl space and up the walls of your foundation. All the seams are sealed creating and impenetrable barrier against moisture. The clean, light colored surface evenly brightens the crawl space and turns it into usable storage space.