Painters in Sonoma CA

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Painters in Sonoma CA

Are you looking to makeover your house, and require reliable and experienced painters in Sonoma, Ca? We can assure you that your job will be in the best hands with Bob Kunst, with over 55 years of serving commercial and residential properties. We offer cleaning, painting, finishing services for the exterior and interior of properties.

Questions to ask potential paint contractors

Depending on how large-scale your project is, you only want painters with the right skills and credentials. Bad jobs will just end up costing you more in the long run. So, when you talk to a few contractors before choosing, you should always ask about their credentials (licensing, business registration) and insurance information.

How much experience do they have in the business? Do they have experience dealing with your type of property and materials? If they lack insurance, you may be responsible if something happens to them. Also, enquire precisely what services their fees cover. Usually, painters would cover things like prepping and cleaning. If you are looking for painters in Sonoma, Ca, contact us.

What to do to eliminate that new paint smell

You may have been so excited about your home getting a new makeover that you forgot about the overwhelming smell that will stay lingering afterward. Fortunately, there are several natural ways to get rid of it, using common household ingredients. One of the best natural deodorizers is baking soda. Just sprinkle it throughout your house, wait for it to absorb the smell, and vacuum it up after.

You can also use water and lemon to eliminate the smell. Fill a bucket of water and add loads of lemon slices to it. Leave it for several hours and use the citrusy water to clean the house. You could also use vinegar, but vinegar itself has a strong smell, so you might want to use less of it.

What are sustainable or eco-friendly paints?

It turns out that the overwhelming smell you get from conventional paints are not good for your respiratory health, as the toxic fumes can harm it. These compounds that the paints give off are VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Eco-friendly paints are low in VOCs, so they are not as toxic to you.

VOCs you find in conventional paints include chemicals such as formaldehyde and heavy metals. People started paying attention to eco-friendly when the World Health Organization revealed that interior decorators were 40% more likely to get lung cancer.

How to maintain exterior paint coatings

Obviously, you want to preserve your coatings from the external elements as much as possible, because painting is quite expensive. If you clean with water, bear in mind that glossy or semi-glossy enamel painting will withstand moisture the most, while others may not.

Also, use cleaning with water as a last resort and try to dust or wipe the walls with a dry cloth first. Then, use a mild cleaner if you want to clean the walls.

Need painters in Sonoma, Ca, for your next paint job? Bob Kunst has over 55 years of painting commercial and residential properties.

Painters in Sonoma CA
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Painters in Sonoma CA
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