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When you as a client contract the services of a general contractor for your building projects, you want the project to be done accordingly and completed in the expected time. You also want quality jobs done on your projects to avoid unnecessary delays. Hence many clients expect the best quality of jobs whenever they employ the services of a general contractor. They go all out to get the best general contractor to handle their building projects and other construction works from start to finish. They want stress and hassle-free jobs with no excuses from their general contractor.


A general contractor is someone who handles the oversight functions and day to day activities of a building project in the stead of a client, or owner of the project. Apart from handling the daily running of the happenings at the project site, the general contractor also performs other duties such as passing information to the concerned parties of the building construction and managing trades and vendors. He also is responsible for the cost estimation of the building project and employment of a subcontractor who handles specified jobs relating to the construction. He provides the necessary materials of the highest quality which are all essential for the running and completion of the project. For someone who is responsible for all of these activities, the general contractor needs to be very trustworthy and willing to work with the demands and needs of the client. A client needs the general contractor to handle his project or else run the risk of ruining such a project.


With Brooner Construction and Crane, potential project owners and clients need not worry about ruining their projects due to a bad general contractor. Since it began operation in 1961, Brooner Construction and Crane have grown to become a leader in the business of construction work and cranes. We also have valuable experience of being the best general contractor in Saint Joseph and other cities. Our services are meticulously done with professionalism and customer satisfaction as our watchwords. Clients are satisfied with our delivery of service and are eternally grateful that they have chosen us as their general contractor in St. Joseph or anywhere else. Being the best is only natural for us.

As a general contractor in St. Joseph, Brooner Construction and Crane delivers so much quality in its service and has carried on its activities with the company’s principles. We offer trustworthy in-service delivery and have earned the complete trust of our esteemed clients over the years. We also adhere strictly to all the safety guidelines that existent in the construction industry and make sure our personnel also do. Our personnel is dedicated to their duties and our clients, and meet deadlines to avoid disappointing our clients. We also have very skilled and well-drilled craftsmen and subcontractors who are always on top of their jobs and don’t disappoint.

With Brooner Construction and Crane as your general contractor in St. Joseph and other locations, you have absolutely nothing to worry about and will always be happy you chose us as your general contractor of choice. With us, you are number one.

general contractor St Joseph
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general contractor St Joseph
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