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A new home continues to settle for years after it is built. Settling occurs even when the ground is stable. Settling, heavy rains, and other factors can cause your home’s foundation to crack. Cracks in your foundation may cause leaks and leave you  with a damp or wet basement. If the problem isn’t repaired it could cause the walls to bow inward. If you have any of these issues you need to find a reputable contractor to discuss your options for foundation repair on your Lee’s Summit home.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

Many different factors may cause a foundation to become cracked. House settling is one of the most common causes. When the house settles it doesn’t do so evenly. Some areas settle more than others. This uneven settling causes cracks in the foundation and other areas of the home such as the walls. Freezing temperatures followed by warm temperatures take a toll on concrete foundations. Cold winters may cause damage to the foundation of the home as well.

Sometimes heavy rains can cause the home to shift slightly. The type of soil under the home could also cause the home to settle more than expected. Homes can settle for years, but the most severe settling often occurs during the first five to ten years following construction. Cracks in the foundation  does not mean the home was improperly built. However, you should have the home inspected and get a foundation contractor in Lee’s Summit to resolve the situation.

How are Foundations Repaired?

Foundation repair is not a simple task. There are generally two options:  a short-term repair or a permanent fix. One of the best ways to permanently fix a foundation is with a method using steel pipe piles. The foundation can be stabilized or raised using hydraulics. New piles are driven deep into the ground directly next to the foundation.

Other types of repairs may include the use of vertical steel beams, replacement of the foundation wall, adding wing walls with tiebacks or adding a concrete retaining wall. These methods are helpful for walls that are bowed or leaning. The type of foundation repair needed for your Lee’s Summit home depends on your specific needs.

The first step in the process is to meet a foundation contractor from JLB Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing, your local company that specializes in foundation repair in Lee’s Summit, MO.  The repair specialist will examine your foundation, cracks, and walls to determine the options that are available to repair your problem. There may be short-term or long-term resolutions possible.

Do not ignore cracks in your foundation or walls. They indicate that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. If you don’t get your foundation repaired you could end up with a situation that is worse and more costly. Completing a foundation repair on your Lee’s Summit home will stop further damage from occurring. Call today to learn more or schedule an inspection and get an estimate of the options available to fix the particular problem with your foundation. Once your foundation is repaired you will rest easy knowing that your home is protected from further damage.

foundation repair Lees Summit MO
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